Monday, February 2, 2009


It's been a long time since I updated this blog. Sorry! The perennial excuse is that life's just been busy.

So what sparked the need for this update?

The BSG Display is getting some major attention recently, and I thought I should document it.

The high point for me was getting on the page:
Click here to go to

The Battlestar page on links to this dvice article on the display, which links to my Mocpage (?!) and Gizmodo, who got the original story from Brothers-Brick.

This was the most awesome way to end a really bad day I was having last week. I'm prouder than ever of everyone in ChiefLUG who helped make the display shine, and Katie for not only putting up with a 7-foot hangar in our living room, and Lego all over the house, but for her mosaic contribution.

Stay tuned for updates about upcoming ChiefLUG projects, which may be even more epic in scope than the Battlestar display.

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