Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hangar Started

I finally started the Hangar today for the BSG Display:

White Hangar

Not much to show, just testing out an idea for the stripey columns. Still not sure what to do for the floor, but leaning towards baseplates with tiles on top.

Regardless, I think I'll be spending way more on this project on Bricklink than anything I've ever done before, because if I go with this technique, I'll need lots of slopes and their inverses, and TONS of jumper plates.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The Initiation was blogged about on the Brothers Brick yesterday! That's great exposure for this crazy display. I didn't mention it before, but I also made a Flickr group dedicated to the construction and display of this project.

I figure posting about it as many places as I can (within reason: the folks at Classic-Castle wouldn't care for Vipers :P) will help get more models for the ChiefLUG Galactica display, which seems to be slowly catching on.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ChiefLUG Initiation Announced

Today I announced the ChiefLUG Initiation here on, with an additional mention on Flickr.

What's going on? Why am I doing this? This all basically happened because you know how much I love Andrew's Viper

click here for the full Brickshelf gallery

I decided, after a brief conversation with Andrew about it, that there should be a Battlestar display at BrickCon, and that ChiefLUG should be behind it. There's a ton of BSG fans among the Lego spacer community, and a love for all things Colonial and Cylon in geek culture at large. I imagined rows of custom Vipers all lined up, with the Colonial Anthem blaring from a radio nearby.

By making the Viper build the requirement to enter ChiefLUG, I think we'll not only get a lot more members in our pseudo-KeithLUG, but we'll also be able to easily fill some kind of BSG display at the Con.

And the more I think about this display, the crazier I get. Why just throw Vipers down on a table? They need something equally nice to sit on. What about the hangar? I've thought about building the hangar ever since I first started watching BSG and people called me Chief. But I never felt up to the task. And surely a hangar big enough to hold a few Vipers would be much too big for my collection. But... putting them just on tables? No dude, we need the hangar. Well allright, let's see if I can pull this off. (See? Talking to myself: crazy!)

hangar ref pic

I'll be looking into brickbuilt versus baseplate floors, and start crunching some numbers to see how big it should be. Check back for updates later!