Monday, October 27, 2008


Friends pointed me to this MicroBricks post last week highlighting the micro fleet in conjunction with the Galactica mosaic in the BrickCon display.

I really dropped the ball when it came to the micro section of the display, and nearly all credit for what we had there goes to Kevin Blocksidge for bringing microscale models of different ships from the fleet, as well as Adrian for bringing his micro Movers. I had wanted to do a much larger micro display, but just never got around to organizing it because I was so busy building the hangar.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Battlestar Display

At long last, I present the Battlestar Display that ChiefLUG put on at BrickCon 2008 in Seattle last weekend!

Battlestar Galactica Display

Overview shots

Some shots of the display:
Katie's mosaic!



Fradel's Raptor

Bram's Viper


Don's AWESOME video of the display (and a Viper flyby!)

And we won BEST IN SPACE!

The whole thing turned out way better than I imagined, and I'm sad that the weekend flew by so fast. A massive thanks to everyone who brought a Viper, a Raptor, a Raider, a Colonial Movers (there's 3 of you!), hangar space, figures, or a mosaic (love you honey!) We had 35 smaller vehicles all told, many more than I imagined when I first put out my announcement about the ChiefLUG initiation.

I don't know if we can top it, but there will certainly be more big ChiefLUG projects in the future, and you haven't seen the last of my hangar.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post-Con Wrapup coming soon!

I'm nearly finished uploading and organizing all the BrickCon photos from this past weekend, and am preparing a post detailing the BSG display we put on. It was epic in every sense of the word, and it will never happen again.

A teaser:
All in a row

Wednesday, October 1, 2008



Final Pre-Con tally

I've been a liiiiittle busy, so that's why I haven't been posting.

Thought I would give one last update before we leave for BrickCon in the morning:
31 pictured, 3 confirmed missing from mosaic:

Click for larger versions and links to the originals

See you at BrickCon and the biggest Battlestar Lego display EVER.