Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3vil Tau

Andrew lives nearby and lent me one of his dark red hovertanks so that I could make a copy or two to help build up an army for... well... you'll see later. During the reverse engineering process, I decided to try it in a different color scheme, just for kicks.

3vil Tau
3vil Tau tank

Yea or nay? I heard a few nays from folks when the images first got posted to Flickr. I stalled after that. I'd still like to finish it, but right now it's missing a prominent skull and the 3vil color scheme just may never work right with this design.

Old Tablescraps

I had these on my desk back in December. They're still there, waiting for a nice moc to call home.

My tablescraps


Besides my own works in progress and finished models on Chief's Deck, I also plan to spotlight some of my favorite creations and build techniques from fellow builders and friends.
The first highlighted moc on the Deck is a surprisingly gorgeous dark red and pearl gold number that absolutely stunned me:

Geminated Ruby by Zach Clapsdale

Zach had described the color scheme to me shortly before posting, and I admitted I was kind of iffy on it. It was hard to picture anything good, even from Zach. I had to apologize when he posted it because it's a beauty. He uses the rarely-seen UCS X-Wing windscreen to great effect, and the pentagon trick from which the moc sprouted is used masterfully. There's some very nice sticker placement here as well. I do think some of the gold swords seem ill-placed, but these are minor blemishes on the Gem.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Andrew Lee posted his stunningly perfect Mk II Viper, and after I struggled to copy it by the pics alone, he lent me his and I was able to finish it off last month:

Mine is white w/ dark red, and some battle-worn discoloration, and Andrew's is the white w/ red stripes in back.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Deck is Active

Watch your heads and limbs, there's a lot going on around this deck and you're liable to get hurt if you don't watch your back. It's a lot of work keeping these frakkin' birds in the air, but our lives depend on it.

Keep checking this blog for the latest construction shots of my own work and the newest space models from around the Fleet (aka the Lego community.) I'm just starting to figure out what I'd like to do with this place, so expect more soon!