Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Besides my own works in progress and finished models on Chief's Deck, I also plan to spotlight some of my favorite creations and build techniques from fellow builders and friends.
The first highlighted moc on the Deck is a surprisingly gorgeous dark red and pearl gold number that absolutely stunned me:

Geminated Ruby by Zach Clapsdale

Zach had described the color scheme to me shortly before posting, and I admitted I was kind of iffy on it. It was hard to picture anything good, even from Zach. I had to apologize when he posted it because it's a beauty. He uses the rarely-seen UCS X-Wing windscreen to great effect, and the pentagon trick from which the moc sprouted is used masterfully. There's some very nice sticker placement here as well. I do think some of the gold swords seem ill-placed, but these are minor blemishes on the Gem.

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